Powerful Insights Begin with Powerful Data.

Uncovering key insights provides the opportunity to deploy strategic maneuvers in the marketplace.
Our portfolio of research, databases and reporting tools gives you access to the most up-to-date data in the fluid power industry. Now you can optimize your ability to make key decisions and achieve your business goals.

Fluid Power Industry Reports

Access to a wealth of statistical data and the latest reports on the Fluid Power industry makes staying ahead of the competition that much easier. You can rely on US and Global Industry reports to learn about:

Industry Trends

Customer Trends and Forecasts

International Trends and Forecasts

Economic Indicators

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NFPA Stats Toolkit and Dashboard

The NFPA Stats Toolkit is an Excel-based software that allows you to do your own calculations, trend analysis, and forecasting in an easy-to-use interface.  Create graphs and hard data using a variety of NFPA data sources to fit your company’s needs, including CSS data if you participate in the program.

The NFPA Stats Dashboard is a web-based interactive tool that displays the latest fluid power industry conditions, and allows you to create a series of graphs from NFPA data sources. Create a customized homepage and build reports relevant to your company needs and industry. Your reports are then updated as the latest information is entered into NFPA databases. Your team will always be projecting with the most up to date stats available in the industry.

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 Stay Informed

Take advantage of  outstanding opportunities to strengthen your understanding of the Fluid Power Industry, connect with industry leaders and continue to learn and grow in your field. We strive to provide you with the latest industry information:

  • Network with members
  • Listen to thought leaders at the annual Industry and Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC)
  • Attend webinars

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